Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some might find this funny...I know I did (sort of)

Here's a little surgical humor. 

For me, the worst part of surgery is wearing no make up outside of the house.  I just hate it.  Top that off with the blindness that I feel when not wearing my contacts, and I feel so vulnerable and insecure. 

I know that this is ridiculous.  I understand just how shallow and silly this is.  Believe me, Kerry has certainly told me on more than one occasion to get over it.

Anyway, back to MY story.  Now that you know my situation, it should come as no surprise that I was greatly pleased by the attention and compliments that I received from the nurses during my most recent medical procedure.

During this 3 hour neck surgery, it was necessary to wear support hose and the little pump up things to keep the circulation good during recovery.  While putting on the hose, my precious and perfect nurse commented on how long, lean and beautiful my legs were.  Well, despite being QUITE aware of my HUGE calves, I was eating this up...I was, after all, without makeup and needing a little reassurance.  Just for the record, my support hose were considered rather small.  Additionally, my nurse loved my current hair color.  Score.  It's the little things that brighten my surgical experience.

The next high point came from my fabulous doctor.  Because we were waiting for a bit for the operating room to be prepared, he came into my preop suite and sat with me for quite a long while.  He went over the procedure for yet the third time and assured me that everything would be great, and that he anticipated excellent results, just as his other patients in the past had gotten.  His only concern was that my neck was "so slender and small."  I was simply "tiny" which might cause a bit more scarring since I didn't have "an ounce of fat, wrinkles, or imperfections" to hide his work.  Yet another make up free glow spread over my face.  I love Dr. Catorrini.

Of course, here's the kicker.  My sweet Kerry's recommendation was that the implant be inserted through the rear, since there was plenty of fat and several wrinkles to hide the scars back there.

Um.  Yep.  He's a keeper. 

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